Why choose FirstCare?

We help businesses manage and reduce absence, increase
productivity and support employee wellbeing

How do we do it?


We combine nurse-led care and real-time reporting to provide a user-friendly absence management service


We create solutions that are tailored to your requirements and improve your ROI


We deliver factual, real-time absence information

By providing health and wellbeing advice from day one, we help speed up recovery and return to work. Our service brings together three elements that are key to improving productivity through reduced absence: nurse-led wellbeing care, simple admin for everyone in your organisation and real-time data and reporting.

Your FirstCare service will be tailored to your organisation, so you can address your specific absence challenges in the most cost-effective way. We manage every aspect of our service – from nurses to call handlers to software developers – in house. You get a better result and a faster return on investment because we can easily adapt to your requirements, now and as they change.

One of the most common challenges our clients face is the inability to get accurate HR information for the entire organisation. With FirstCare you’ll be more efficient and be able to plan more effectively because we give you accurate, up-to-date information on how absence is affecting your organisation.

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What services do we provide?

Complete Support

FC dots.png24/7 medical advice from nurses 

FC dots.pngYou’ll be able to integrate our absence monitoring tools with your existing health and wellbeing systems

FC dots.pngIncreased tools for HR managers

FC dots.pngYour employees can contact our Absence Advisors 24/7/365, who will record all aspects of their absence

FC dots.pngYour line managers will receive automatic notifications on absence details

FC dots.pngAdministration tasks will become seamless with our policy alerts and return-to-work (RTW) interview monitoring

FC dots.pngYou’ll be able to identify trends with our simple reporting and real-time dashboards

Essential Support

Bespoke Support