FirstCare work with some of the largest businesses in the UK, helping to reduce absence by up to 58%.

Private Sector Absence management: The key to greater productivity and profitability

Did you know that absenteeism costs the UK economy £18 billion each year?

We work with organisations from all sectors – including transport, food, logistics, construction and financial services – to improve absence levels. And, this year, we’re introducing new features to our IT platform that will help to reduce absence levels further.
We do this by:
  •      Giving you access to real-time, accurate data.
  •      Addressing the hidden causes of absence.
  •      Helping you create a plan to reduce absence.
For example, we helped Bouygues Energies & Services, an integrated engineering and energy performance provider, save £500,000 on its absence spend.
Paul Cadman, HR director at the company, said: “When we began using FirstCare’s systems we found the data capture and reporting tools a great asset.”
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  • 24/7 absence recording
  • 24/7 notifications by email, SMS and pager
  • 24/7 access to online management information
  • Absence policy alerts and referral triggers to support your existing policies and streamline admin
  • RTW interview compliance monitoring
  • Support and guidance from our account management team
  • Dynamic RTW forms for managers
  • Push reporting suite
  • Integration with existing wellbeing services through our first track system
  • Payroll integration to improve accuracy of sick pay
  • 24/7 medical advice from registered nurses
  • Additional, in-depth tools for employees, line managers, HR and accounts