We were the first absence management provider in the UK to be ISO27001 certified.

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Public Sector Management

Absence Management Platform

Our platform provides a flexible, transparent way to achieve greater productivity, by reducing workplace absence.
We achieve this by operating out of two UK sites, which includes a Tier three data centre. And, we own 100% of the critical assets used to deliver our services.
In addition, this year, we’re introducing new features to our IT platform that will help to reduce absence levels further.
Keep your eyes peeled, as we’ll be sharing more updates about the new features to come very soon.
The platform offers you:
Data integrity to make informed decisions
Data integrity is essential to absence management because it empowers you to make informed decisions. FirstCare absence management platform provides data at all levels, ranging from detailed breakdowns of individual absences to aggregated reports highlighting and benchmarking trends.
A high level of security
Information security is paramount at FirstCare. Access and security controls are built into all critical system functions. Regular audits, penetration tests, perimeter scans and source code verification tests ensure that we maintain the highest standards.
A diligent service to improve your efficiencies
To achieve consistently prompt call answering, we operate with a dual-site, Avaya telephone system. As a result, we monitor call volumes in real-time, analyse and forecast staffing requirements and correctly route calls to the appropriate personnel.
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001 Certified

The FirstCare system has evolved over 13 years based on our work with organisations ranging from NHS trusts to blue chip companies. Thanks to this experience, we’ve refined every aspect of our offer to deliver the best quality.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

ISO 22301 Certified

FirstCare is reliable, and we have the independent certification to prove it. Our robust business continuity management processes, which adhere to ISO 22301 standards, mean you get a consistent, dependable service.

Information Security

Information Security

ISO 27001 Certified

Get the best protection for your sensitive data with our robust information security system, which has more than 200 different controls in place. In fact, we were the first UK absence management provider to achieve ISO 27001.