• Goal #1: Helping organisations to reduce absence and all of its associated costs.
  • Goal #2: Contributing to better, healthier working environments for employees.
  • Goal #3: Reducing employer risk through improving process compliance.
  • Goal #4: Making available reliable, accurate data on which to base decision-making.
  • Goal #5: Continuing to be a leading voice on absence management within the UK.

About FirstCare

The average organisation loses approximately £609 per employee each year due to absence. Do you know how much absence is costing you?

We can tell you, and then help you put simple processes in place to reduce that figure.
FirstCare is the authority on absence management and its financial impact. We maintain the UK’s largest database on absence, covering 185,000 employees and recording more than 10.2 million absences. Working with organisations such as the Department for Work and Pensions and the Health and Safety Executive, we’re actively involved in improving national standards.
We offer a simple, effective way to improve productivity by reducing absence and its associated costs. Our service is so effective because it brings together three elements that are key to improving productivity through attendance management:
• Nurse-led wellbeing care: Our nurses ensure employees get the right advice and support from the first day they’re off sick. Early intervention and quick referrals mean employees get on the correct pathway sooner, making for a speedier recovery. This has the added benefit of delivering a better return on your organisation’s health and wellbeing investment because you’re addressing issues before they become big problems.
• Simple admin for everyone: FirstCare makes it easier for HR and managers to support employees, during absence and the transition back to work. As a result, our clients see a sustained cultural shift in their organisation’s approach to absence management, which leads to long-term increases in employee productivity and engagement.
• Real-time data and reporting: Your myFirstCare portal gives you complete visibility over the impact of absence on your organisation – from detailed reports on individual absences to large, aggregated reports highlighting and benchmarking trends. As a result, you’re better able to forecast costs, allocate resources and manage shift patterns.
Our flexibility maximises your return on investment. Because you can select the exact support your organisation needs, an average absence reduction of just 2.5% pays for FirstCare. Our clients saw an average 29.3% reduction in 2016.